Santé to New Years Resolutions







Happy New Year

On the 31st of December when the bubbles are flowing and everybody is merry we tend to love making New Year’s resolutions but after the New Year’s dust has settled and the holiday guests are starting to leave the reality of our New Year’s resolutions set in.

How many of us actually follow through on them? Good question because old habit die hard and new ones take some time to get use to! Never the less we want to know if you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions this year and are you actually planning to stick to them?

Like everyone else we decided to set certain resolutions (to us also known as goals) for Burgundy and we would love for you to help us succeed. Here are some of our resolutions for 2014:

–          We would love to increase our Facebook likes to a 1000. Please invite all your friends and become a true Burgundy ambassador.

–          Increase out Twitter followers to 500.  Don’t be scared to try Twitter it really is fun and can become a little addictive! Ask us we know. Set up an account here

–          Become part of a community project that will uplift our staff as charity starts at home. This will include extra training in wine and other useful skills. We believe that if our staff is happy our customers will get the best experience possible.

–          Consistently provide great experiences for our customers through fantastic service and delicious food right through the year.

–          Focus on relationship building with our customers, staff and suppliers because we are an intricate Burgundy community that cannot function without one of the links.

Celia, Arthur & HerbertCelia, Arthur & Herbert

Celia, Arthur & Herbert

Setting goals are easy but keeping them up all through the year is the more difficult task. That’s why we need accountable partners that can keep us on track. That’s why we have you.

Thank you for all the support through the last year and becoming true Burgundy ambassadors. We celebrate and cherish every one of you! We’re extremely excited about 2014 and know that even though the bubbles have worn off and the holiday dust is settling we can’t wait to challenge this year with you.

Santé…to 2014!

Santé to 2014



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