Burgundy celebrates the season








At Burgundy Hermanus this time of year is the time to go red and green and celebrate the end of another year.  There is no better way to celebrate than with good food, local wine and friends for company.  These 3 ingredients are mixed for good measure at Burgundy Hermanus and served in generous portions.  People come from far and near to relax and recharge. Their visits to the Burgundy are an integral part of their holiday.

Burgundy staff ready to celebrate the season with all our visitors

Burgundy staff ready to celebrate the season with all our visitors

Burgundy offers a familiar space with friendly faces where people know that a plate of good food can cure many ills.  This sense of community was felt yesterday with the commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s passing when the staff lined up and walked amongst the tables singing Asimbonanga.  This song was written specifically as a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Mandela said it was music and dancing that made him at peace with the world and himself.  Lyrics of the song elude to “closing a distance between you and me” and at Burgundy Nelson Mandela’s legacy will be felt this season more than any other and we will always strive to close the distances, make the links and build the bridges.

We look forward to another festive season of serving our guests with friendship and our warm hospitality.  Thank you for visiting us year after year and extending your friendship to our establishment!

May you have a very blessed season!

Celia & Rayno & our extended Burgundy family team


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