Celia and Rayno Rabie bid Burgundy farewell after 4 years


Burgundy Restaurant has certainly seen its fair share of changes since it was built in 1876 and 2014 is marked with further change when Celia and Rayno Rabie hands over the reins of this Hermanus landmark. Four years since the enterprising couple took over as new owners of one of Hermanus’s most popular restaurants it is time to move on.  
Celia and Rayno regards ownership of the Burgundy as the ultimate experience for a local restauranteur “the cherry on the Hermanus eat-out scene” and feel that they have restored the reputation of this golden oldie to the stature it deserves.  Four years ago they saw the potential offered and worked hard to awaken all the happy memories shared by different generations of Hermanus visitors.


Lazy days at the Burgundy

Clients remember the Cyprus Tea Room with fondness and the Burgundy is currently an establishment where friendships are rekindled and memories made.



This is a restaurant that is not only about serving good food it is also about community, development and involvement. Well entrenched in the community with more than 60 staff members, an involvement and an interest in the business community has made Burgundy and its people a tourism interface for the region. Burgundy employees have remained with Burgundy through ownership changes with the longest employment record being 26 years and the average employee working at Burgundy for 10 years.


Celia says that she will miss her staff as much as she will miss the clients “our clients and staff were our world”. 
The 1st of August will celebrate the four year anniversary of the Rabies taking over as new owners of Burgundy but it is also time to hand over. With the Rabies remaining in Hermanus they look forward to the tables being turned and having time to sit down and enjoy Hermanus hospitality placing orders.



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