Burgundy – Time to relax?




This is the time of year that the Burgundy Restaurant Hermanus runs on double speed and craziness rule operations.  We have to juggle queues of holiday makers, make sure that all the orders for our fresh supplies can be delivered on time, stock the bar and…pray for less wind and more sunshine. However mad it gets Celia & Rayno need to take time out.  This is necessary to maintain sanity, refresh and make sure we are ready to receive the next batch of visitors to Burgundy.  The waves of visitors continue to arrive morning, noon and night.

So how do we at Burgundy recharge over the festive period?

  • we stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water – preferably with bubbles in
  • we make the most of short periods off duty by having a picnic at the beach
  • we escape to Cape Town – even if it is just for an evening
  • and…we love to spend time with our close friends


We also love stopping for a few seconds to personally say hello to new and old friends who visit our restaurant.

Celia & Rayno takes time out

Celia & Rayno takes time out


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