Burgundy… Where the Whales are




Whales, Swallows, we all love Hermanus


Every year the whales visit Hermanus between July and November. This contributes to Hermanus tourist figures increasing rapidly.  At Burgundy Restaurant we certainly see our fare share of whale watchers as we have a perfect vantage from our front serving area.  The waiters at Burgundy are used to being asked “when will the whales be here?”.  Oh, the luxury of thinking you have a front seat at an aquarium with the benefit of enjoying great food and hospitality during the whale show.

Whales entertain visitors  right in front of the Burgundy!

Whales entertain visitors right in front of the Burgundy!

The whales are not the only migration that Hermanus experience.  Just before the whales start packing up for other shores the Hermanus Swallow returns for warmer weather.  These swallows don’t have feathered wings!  They rather fly in with VirginBritish Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and stay till before Easter.  Their stay is completely dependent on the warmer weather and the weak Rand.  While whales communicate using sonar, clicking, grunting and whistling sounds our Swallows seek the seats of Burgundy for their meet & greet sessions and catching up with Celia on life in Hermanus.  The food, the view, the company, the familiar staff and service draw our foreign visitors and they feel like family.  We hear about their family, children getting married and the antics of the new grandchildren. Every year we look forward to the return of our Swallows and we celebrate another year of growing wiser.


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